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Olympus Brand manual

Olympus is a Japanese multinational corporation that produces optics and reprography products, as well as cameras and medical equipment.

The company was established in 1919, and has since become a well-respected brand in the global market.

Olympus cameras are known for their high quality, durability, and innovative features, such as image stabilization, fast autofocus, and exceptional lens quality.

They have a wide range of offerings, including compact, mirrorless, and digital SLR cameras, and they are highly popular with professional photographers, as well as hobbyists.

In addition to cameras, Olympus also produces powerful medical equipment, particularly in the endoscopy and micro-imaging markets.

The company has established a strong reputation for reliable and high-performing products, and has a loyal customer base around the world.

Overall, the Olympus brand is synonymous with quality, precision, and innovation.