Olympus E M5 Mark II

Olympus E-M5 Mark II Manual And User Guide PDF

Olympus E M5 Mark II. Perfect images with the most powerful image stabilization on the market.

Clear photos and videos even in low light and without a tripod. The 5-axis stabilization VCM compensates for all types of camera movement.

It even allows to offer an optimum image in the viewfinder for greater stability in the framing.

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Discover the convenience of no cables needed. Enjoy photography wirelessly and directly from your smartphone. Thanks to the Wi-Fi capabilities built into the E-M5 Mark II, you can adjust the aperture and shutter speed, among other settings, even without touching the camera.

With the OLYMPUS Image Share program on your phone, you can also share your pictures instantly on your favorite social networks.

Better resolution. If we talk about capturing the image in detail, the more resolution, the better. That’s why the E-M5 Mark II features the high resolution 40M shot.

By capturing eight sequential images and blending them into one, it is perfect for photographing artwork, landscapes, etc., in a quality of more than 40 megapixels.

Variety of objectives. The OLYMPUS Micro Four Thirds compact lens system offers you many possibilities. With about 40 lenses, most of them resistant to dust, splashing and freezing, you can tackle all kinds of photographic challenges, from macro photography to photography with telephoto lenses.

Its high quality allows the high technology of the OM-D range to have excellent capabilities for recording videos or taking pictures.

Capture new perspectives. As the LCD touch screen can tilt, it gives you the freedom to record from creative perspectives.

It also allows you to control the microphone and time code on the LCD or use the digital volume easily.

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