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Olympus TG 835. One of the first versions of a camera designed for those who can not be at home unemployed.

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We saw the model 850 and 860 and we found that the Olympus Tough not only an opportunity but a look before deciding on a camera for your adventures deserve. Fully protected from inclement weather. The TG-835 resists heat, dust, cold and even water undeterred. Enjoy its 16 MP CMOS sensor for photos and videos with amazing quality.

Its compact design fits any mischief you have in mind. Take her to surf, skiing or crosses the Pyrenees with it. Never missing a camera cast them into top-end. And if you are passionate about diving: the 835 will surprise you with its excellent underwater videos.

Unfortunately you’ll have to put up with the desire to dive deeply because it is only protected up to 2.1 meters.

Among its connections and most relevant features include HDMI connection, GPS geolocation and voice recording. Enjoy your videos on a big TV Smart. Ten localized all photos easily. And you record voice notes to remember details that always lost.

Like the rest of the Tough series, this camera has imaging technology iHS. This is the result of a combination of advanced technologies such as TruePic VI processor and backlit CMOS sensor.

This combination provides an image with many more quality and less noise. Mainly in low-light conditions. It also features advanced technologies such as Advanced iAuto to select an appropriate ISO to capture images in low light and perfect results.

In short, a camera that already has a few years but if we look for something of quality and economic … will be one of our best options.

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