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To a lesser extent, you can also find some tutorial on Windows, small tricks about iPhone, graphic design, office automation, social networks, etc …

Who visits manuals and tutorials?

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We have visitors from all over the world but the four countries that most download our user manuals are the following. We start from highest to lowest:

United States

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In the United States, Oppo smartphones are well received. It is not uncommon since the Chinese brand offers high range devices with very affordable prices.

United Kindom

United Kingdom flap user guides

In the United Kingdom there is more variety of downloads. Win the Sony and Panasonic cameras and there is room for a smartphone and a powerful tablet.


australia downloads user guide pdf

In the fourth place we have Australia where the download of smartphone manuals also predominates. Only one of Chuwi’s magnificent tablets that are selling everywhere has been cast.


canada downloads user guide pdf

In this case smartphones win the gamers. There are visits to other devices such as tablets and cameras but not so much to get a position in the ranking of most downloads.

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