Olympus E PL7

Olympus E-PL7 Manual And User Guide PDF

Olympus E PL7. Metal design with elegant handle with leather look. Doing selfies is very easy with the folding LCD display.

An outstanding aspect. The PEN E-PL7 features a very sophisticated metallic exterior with leather-look finishes.

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This camera is so thin that it fits perfectly in my bag even if I do not carry it empty. I love every detail, such as his attractive grip or the location of his dials.

Showing my photos. As soon as I had the PEN E-PL7 in my hands, I was ready to share my images with friends and followers on my blog through its WiFi capabilities.

No need cables, just transfer the photos to the smartphone and upload them to the internet. Too easy.

Express yourself. I never know who I’m going to meet when I go shopping or have coffee, so I always carry my PEN E-PL7 with me.

It allows me to make great selfies, it is very easy to use and includes a tilting LCD screen. This camera offers high image quality.

Creativity. My creativity is not limited to the field of fashion. I love that my PEN E-PL7 allows me to develop my creativity through the 14 Artistic Filters and the 9 Artistic Effects it presents.

I especially like the Vintage and Partial Color filters, because they give my photos a personal touch.

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