Olympus X-43 User Manual in PDF

Olympus X-43 User Manual in PDFOlympus X-43. Olympus compact cameras, such as the Olympus X-43, are a clear example of how well targeted to this niche market is part of this company. And is that, many cameras this style which we find, as in the case of the X-15 Olympus, of which we have spoken later, and have a pretty decent specifications for cost money costing . A good tool designed for the novice but that does its job perfectly from every point of view.

Detailed features of Olympus X-43.

The first thing that catches the eye of this camera is its resolution. Mostly because there are many who think that by being a compact and small size, can have a great resolution. However, you can not be more wrong because we have to keep in mind that we have at our disposal no more and no less than 14 megapixels for pictures from our day out with total clarity.

A tool that can be used in almost any environment and thanks to its many features, we will be able to adjust all parameters without any problem. And all rounded with a 4x optical zoom and 5x digital zoom ideal for all situations that require a more concrete and specific characteristics.

Wide Angle Zoom Lens. hotographing where space is scarce and the photographer can not go back to give more angle to the wall, this camera is achieved through a wide-angle zoom lens expands takes little space. The lens of the X-43 makes a 5x zoom (36mm – 180mm equivalent = 35mm photography).

Creativity with Magic Filter. Meanwhile, creative filters, called Magic Filters allow to enhance and customize images as they’re being captured. This makes the most flexible and fun creativity to make changes without having to undergo the use of particular software.

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