Olympus E-3 User Manual PDF

Olympus E-3 User Manual PDFOlympus E-3. The ultra-fast auto focus speed of the E-3 is partly due to the sophisticated Supersonic Wave Drive motors in our new ZUIKO DIGITAL lenses.

Combined with an uI.tra-compact encoder for detecting rotational movement with 5 pm precision, these l.enses work smoothly, quietLy and instantaneously.

Detailed features of Olympus E-3

The Olympus E-3 delivers sharp shots in Low Light or with a telephoto lens even without a tripod. A sophisticated image sta bilization system compensates for camera shake by shifting the image sensor an equivalent of 5 shutter speed steps — all possible thanks to a gyro sensor that detects even the slightest hand tremble.

An in- body image stabilization system gives you the freedom to use any Four Thirds Lens. They are significantly smaller and lighter than other Lenses because they dont need an image stabiLization component in the optics.

Capture high-resolution images with rich tones and naturaL, true-to-Life color The Olympus E-3’s 10.1 megapixel high-speed Live MOS sensor features exceLLent dynamic range, accurate color fidelity, and a new, advanced circuit to eliminate noise. The sensors Low power usage saves battery Life.

The Live MOS sensor is complemented by the TruePic Ill Image Processor It produces crystal clear photos using aLL the pixel information from each image to provide accurate, natural color, true-to-life flesh tones and precise tonal expression.

TruePic Ill lowers the noise in images shot with ramped-up ISO settings resulting in blur-free photos in Low light.

Olympus is the undisputed leader in Live View LCD technology. It lets you see your subject on a large. bright screen in reaL-time. The Olympus E-3 features an articulating. 2.5 Live View LCD screen that can be rotated up and down and from side to side.

It covers all viewing angles so high and low angle shots are easy to compose and shoot.

The LCD shows 100% field-of-view for accuracy. The Live View screen can also be used for AF shooting. Make adjustments quickly. Instantly check the effects of white balance adjustment and exposure compensation in real time on the Live View LCD before shooting.

Youll be able to monitor image quaLity more closely and exert greater creative control.

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