Olympus E PL5

Olympus E-PL5. Thin exterior that fits in any handbag with which excellent images are obtained with the minimum effort.

Metallic design with several elegant handles available. 12 Artistic Filters, 7 Artistic Effects.

Olympus E-PL5 Manual And User Guide PDF
Olympus E-PL5 Manual And User Guide PDF

Download Manual and User Guide of Olympus E PL5

It makes me feel at ease. In addition to being thin and easy to use, the PEN E-PL5 offers a very high image quality.

With it I get amazing photographs, always perfect for hanging them on Facebook or Instagram.

With very little effort, I obtain professional results to which I can add my personal touch through different Filters and Artistic Effects or using different objectives.

Excellent results. The PEN E-PL5 is much more than a stylish camera very comfortable to grasp. The buttons and dials are in the most appropriate place.

Its grip allows me to take photographs from difficult angles with total stability. It is my favorite for allowing me to capture many special moments in the best way.

Showing my photos. Some photos do better than others, so I like to use Facebook and other social networks to show them.

With the PEN E-PL5 this is very simple, as it allows me to transfer the images to my smartphone through an optional WiFi card.

Creativity instantly. I always have many creative ideas and the PEN E-PL5 allows me to turn those ideas into reality. With the 12 Art Filters and the Art Effects incorporated, I can give my personal touch to each image.

I like to add dramatic tones or put them in old black and white, because they give my photos an even more personal style.

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