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Olympus XZ-1 User Manual in PDF

Olympus XZ-1. It all starts with the lens.

The high performance iZuiko lens found in the XZ-1 is a compact version of the legendary Olympus Zuiko Digital lenses, the first ever designed specifically for compact cameras.

Compared to existing 1/2.33-in ch, 14-megapixel CCDs, the light-reception area of each pixel of the XZ-l’s 1/1.63-inch, lO-megapixel CCD has been doubled.

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This sophisticated sensor is paired with the TruePicV Image Processor, which applies highly accurate noise control to ensure the clearest, highest quality images possible.

The Olympus XZ-1 control rings let you manually adjust the ISO sensitivity, f-number or shutter speed, giving you unprecedented control over your images.

The ergonomic design of the control rings, together with the user-friendly layout of dials and buttons, serve to make camera operations easy, comfortable and reliable.

Combining three state-of-the-art features — the bright, large-aperture iZuiko lens, a high-sensitivity CCD sensor, and Dual Image Stabilization —this camera lets you capture clear, sharp images every time.

Shoot dim interiors or outdoors at night, even handheld shots without using the flash. The ISO sensitivity adjusts up to ISO 6400 to take sharp, full-resolution photos in dark places.

In addition to the standard JPEG format, you can also use the RAW data format for more convenient picture retouching after shooting. The RAW data can be developed on a PC, by running the provided “OLYMPUS Viewer 2” software, or on the camera itself.

A built-in Neutral Density (ND) Filter gives you more control of tight exposure. Simply select ND Filter from the XZ-l’s menu and express your shot your way.

The XZ-1 boasts six in-camera Art Fifters. Add creative flair to both stills and movies instantly, and see it live on the LCD monitor. Even selectthe picture aspect ratio— 4:3, 16:9, 66 or 3:2 —to fit the composition or application needs of your shots.

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