Panasonic Lumix GX1 User Manual in PDF

Panasonic Lumix GX1 User ManualPanasonic Lumix GX1. The Live MOS sensor 16.0 megapixels has a very important role in the great result of the photographs.

With its precise circuit has reduced noise over 66%. Note that the DMC-GX1 reaches up to ISO 12800, ie has the ability to adjust to high sensitivity.

Detailed features of Panasonic Lumix GX1

Thus, a result of 200% better than a megapixel camera sensor 12.1 is achieved. This advanced system has improved the signal / noise (S / N) ratio adjustment getting some 6db with ISO3200 (as the Nikon D3X) to 9dB in ISO6400. The result is an amazingly crisp picture, though it is taken in dimly lit places.

Compared with the differential phase AF system, Contrast AF boasts higher accuracy especially in shooting with bright lens with small F value.

The approx.0.09 seconds of ultra high-speed Light Speed AF is achieved by reducing the detection time for focusing on the timing of the lens and the sensor at 120 fps.

Combined with the Touch AF control, setting and focusing on the objective is incredibly easy and fast. Taking advantage of Contrast AF, the DMC-GX1 incorporates a complete focus area.

Despite its outstanding compactness, use the Panasonic Lumix GX1 is comfortable and easy thanks to the optimal design of the different buttons.

The function configuration changes is allocated to the two outer buttons and two menus tab software direct reach.

In addition, you can store up to a total of 4 modes custom settings on the camera (one in C1 to direct hits and three C2).

Now the DMC-GX1 incorporates a level indicator that allows the camera to detect the angle of horizontal / vertical, vision thing gets through its internal level working with the acceleration sensor.

Thus, pictures taken vertically are automatically displayed in this position with any lens you use.

In the user guide in pdf of this website you can find all the settings to make your photos perfect. Download it for future reference whenever you want without Internet connection.

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