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Panasonic TZ22 Manual And User Guide PDF

Panasonic TZ22. If the Lumix TZ20 caught your attention due to its quality and compact design … you are lucky because the TZ22 is practically the same camera.

The question is: Why does Panasonic launch two models that are practically the same?

Download Manual And User Guide Of Panasonic TZ22

The cameras are so similar that they actually share the user manual. We were going to ignore this entry since we recently published the Lumix TZ20 but we realized that it could cause confusion since in the other entry it does not indicate at any time that you can download the manual of the TZ22.

Now that it is clear that we talk about the same camera but with different nomenclature, we will summarize in a few lines the highlights of this Panasonic compact.

The sensor has a resolution of 14.1 MP is compatible with recording videos in Full HD on 1080i. Feature more than important and to stand out since we are talking about a camera that came to market in 2011.

This is many years of evolution for the technology of image capture but also tells us that we can find it for a fairly tight price.

Compact, lightweight and with video recording in 1080i quality

Panasonic’s Travel Zoom series was designed to make our trips more comfortable without sacrificing quality. The compact body of the TZ22 with dimensions of 105 x 58 x 33 mm. they make it perfect to transport it in any pocket.

When shooting, we have a multitude of possibilities such as 3D capture or burst mode up to 10 shots. For the objectives that are further away, the sensor is able to make a 16x optical zoom, which means not losing even the smallest detail.

The 3 “LCD screen allows us to easily configure the multitude of settings of the TZ22, from the quality of the images (up to a resolution of 4320 x 3240) to the light input, the shutter speed or the contrast.

In short, despite its mediocre image quality (today), the built-in GPS, a very flexible zoom range and compact dimensions make the TZ22 an ideal travel companion.

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