Panasonic Lumix LZ30

Panasonic Lumix LZ30 Manual And User Guide PDF

Panasonic Lumix LZ30. Powerful lens, beautifully designed and much, much to offer.

Thanks to its optical zoom lens of 35 increases we can approach targets taking full advantage of the resolution of 16.1 MP.

We can easily capture and, more importantly, quality fast sports scenes, natural landscapes with dozens of small objects and details that the human eye can not see with the naked eye.

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The optical zoom that has a wide versatility and approach distance to target a total of 78,8x equivalent to a camera with a higher objective function.

We can customize settings Lumix LZ30 as the shutter to capture moving objects or create artistic effects stumped for a touch of speed at the end result.

With the creative control that includes the recording mode can transform what would be a priori more common in a movie clip that will surprise both spectators as the creator.

We can also give the same touch to our images thanks to Creative Retouch. It also includes a panoramic portrait or landscape mode to take consecutive images to merge them all so automatically creating stunning panoramas.

Our 720p HD videos come alive on smart TV with giant screens. The camera features iA Mode that left to the camera throughout the adjustment process to only have to worry about composing catch and shoot.

It also includes HDR mode for scenes with vivid color and astonishing without discoloration or shadows that spoil quality of the composition.

The camera has an LCD screen 3 “for us to control simple and intuitive settings in the same way.

The screen is intelligent and adjusts the brightness to the situation where we are so that the display is always perfect. With the WiFi connection we can also share with our friends in an instant.

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