Panasonic HX A1M

Panasonic HX A1M Manual And User Guide PDF

Panasonic HX A1M. Record all your follies untethered with sports camera Panasonic. You can not live without it.

Whenever someone mint words “sports camera” everyone think in GoPro. And it’s true that it was the first to offer people who want to record videos in high resolution, exceptional situations, professional quality results.

Download the Manual and User Guide of Panasonic HX A1M

Simple and manageable soon it spreads throughout the market and took it. But we must also take into account the value and the GoPro round figures that not everyone is willing to pay if it really will not take advantage of specifications to 100%.

The Panasonic HX A1M offers some results very, very good that anyone could be confused with the GoPro.

It is true that the latter has different versions but when you enjoy a video of the HX A1M in your big screen you will realize that it is not necessary to pay nearly triple the money to produce images of very good quality.

The biggest difference I see in the video images is the contrast with the light, the GoPro quickly gives a picture while the Panasonic took a couple of seconds to graduate. Trifles.

This camera supports extreme conditions such as water and cold and be your faithful companion wherever you go. Panasonic offers users many holders on the bike, helmet, kayak, etc … and elongated design imitating a telescopic sight do you have a better predisposition to place it in the right place. Night mode has 0 lumens, 1080p recording and Wi-Fi to see the images on our tablet instantly.

For a price of around 150 €, it is highly recommended to record your sporting feats option.

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