Panasonic LX15 Manual And User Guide PDF

Panasonic LX15. The perfect size to fit in the palm of our hand. A super fast lens and all the quality and guarantee of Panasonic.

The LX15 has the most important features for a compact camera to succeed: a very powerful and super fast image processor, a very bright Leica lens capable of capturing even the smallest detail and the ability to record videos in 4K quality. Something that we find practically mandatory for any current camera.

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For those who love reflex cameras but do not want to carry one, the LX 15 keeps a surprise. Its Leica lens with 20.1 megapixels is capable of obtaining the famous bokeh style of professional cameras. The 4K HD videos are really cool and we will enjoy them beautifully thanks to its HDMI connection.

A compact that has everything

The Venus engine processes the information captured by the sensor, obtaining truly luminous results and instantaneously. We can check if the image or video we have taken is of our liking or discard it and re-shoot. Everything in a matter of seconds.

In the upper part we find the control ring to change between the different scene modes quickly and accurately. And to finish convince you the LX15 has a 3-inch touch monitor that tilts up to 180 degrees. This allows us to make great selfies since it adjusts the image so that we see it automatically.

Within its functions there is a very interesting one that allows us to change the focus of the image after having captured it. Do not miss the user manual and discover the wonders that this small compact camera contains.

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