Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 user manual

Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 | User Manual in PDF Panasonic Lumix FZ1000. Photography at its best. Top quality photos and videos with the new 1-inch MOS sensor and the new, bright LEICA DC lens with 16x optical zoom. The spectacular videos unbeatable 4K resolution appear full of details.

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If you are looking for SLR quality in a compact camera check out the LUMIX FZ1000. With its 1-inch sensor and its LEICA lens with 16x optical zoom, with FZ1000 you will get the most out of your photos and videos.

Whatever you choose, photo or video recording in 4K capture with great detail the beauty of the moment you want to capture.

The new lens LEICA DC VARIO-Elmarit lens has 5 spherical crystal, made possible by the unique mold technology Panasonic spherical lenses. Combined with one-inch MOS sensor, your photos will have a depth of field blur effect impressive invisible edges and lines.

Capture high-resolution photos from this video in 4K capture magical moments at a resolution equivalent to 8 megapixels from a video footage in 4K After selecting the picture mode 4 K, the format of recording / image quality settings / brightness level is automatically set at the optimum setting for shooting photos. In addition to 16: 9, you can also choose from 4: 3 or 3: 2.

The JPEG images that have been left out of the video footage qualify EXIF information. The tagging feature is also available.

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