Panasonic Lumix FT25 user Manual PDF

Panasonic Lumix FT25 User Manual PDFPanasonic Lumix FT25. Rugged Digital Camera FT25 – Featuring Casual, Stylish and Rugged Design for Active Uses

Detailed features of Panasonic Lumix FT25.

The DMC-FT25 is waterproof to a depth of 7m/23ft and dustproof equivalent to the “IPX8” and “IP6X” standard. Thanks to rubber padding and reinforced glass and carbon resins inside the camera, the DMC-FT25 features an airtight body protected against water immersion, dust and sand. It is also drop proof from a height up to 1.5m/5ft in accordance with the “MIL-STD 810F Method516.5-Shock” test standard and freezeproof that endure the temperature as low as -10˚C/14˚F.

The DMC-FT25 newly incorporates Time Lapse Shot. Once the start time, the interval and the number of picture to shoot are set, the camera will automatically shoot images. Users can leave the camera and get a record of stationary observation for subjects such as flowers coming into bloom, scudding cloud, wild animals in nature. The series of consequent images can be combined in a camera to produce a time lapse video.

The DMC-FT25 features 25mm ultra wide-angle 4x optical zoom lens. 25mm ultra wide angle of view enables shooting dynamic landscapes or group portrait without letting them protrude out of a frame. The 4x optical zoom increases its power to 8x equivalent with the Intelligent Zoom function taking advantage of the Intelligent Resolution technology. The Advanced Underwater Mode features Red Color Reproduction to reproduce original natural color of subjects. Torch Light function allows the camera to serve as a light with its built-in LED.

The new Creative Panorama function with 10 filters allows the users to apply effects to create a distinctive horizontal / vertical panoramic image produced with consequent shots taken by overlaying the previous pictures. The DMC-FT25 also integrates popular Creative Control / Creative Retouch featuring a total of 12 filter effects. The Creative Control lets users shoot with a filter effect while checking how it makes difference on the picture and the Creative Retouch enables applying a filter effect on the picture even after shooting in camera.

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