Ricoh Pentax Kr User Manual PDF

Ricoh Pentax Kr User Manual PDFRicoh Pentax Kr. It incorporates a high-sensitivity CMOS sensor with 12.4 megapixels combined with the image processor high-performance PRIME II (engine PENTAX Real Image) PENTAX Kr produces high quality images with great detail, rich tonal gradation and magnificent performance by deleting digital noise to a minimum. The Kr indeed offers an impressive noise management.

Detailed features of Ricoh Pentax Kr

Compact and lightweight body. With a weight of 600 grams, its compact and lightweight design not only facilitates the transport of the PENTAX Kr anywhere, but it also makes it very maneuverable function of shooting conditions.

PENTAX Shake (SR) for sharp images. The PENTAX Kr provides the sensor with Shake Reduction, compatible with all PENTAX even l os designer for analog camera, effectively compensating for camera shake during capture, even up to 4 steps. Thanks to the stabilizer, the Kr produces sharp images even under demanding conditions

Continuous shooting 6 frames per second. Continuous mode the Pentax Kr siapro records up to 25 images (in JPEG format) in a single sequence at a maximum speed of 6 frames per second – the fastest among incio SLR models – allowing you to retain the sharpness and focus on moving objects.

Video recording HDTV. The Ricoh Pentax Kr HDTV capture video clips in 16: 9 at a rate of 25 frames per second. This offers many benefits of high-quality SLR photography to the world of video: for example, reduce the depth of field to emphasize a theme or use different interchangeable lenses to create different visual effects. The Kr also add specific visual effects during recording.

LCD 3 “high-resolution display. With an LCD screen high resolution, full color, Kr, with 921,000 points, ensures correct visulaización of 170 degrees both horizontally and vertically, thanks to its wide screen.

Bright viewfinder. By combining the opticooriginal viewer and screen PENTAX Natural-Bright-Matte focusing, Kr’s viewfinder offers a bright, clear image luminmosa, with a magnification of 0.85 x and a field of view of 96%. The focus point is indicated by a red dot in the viewfinder for quick confirmation.

High-precision autofocus system. The autofocus system precision approach SAFOX IX of Kr with 11puntos sensor (with 9 cross-type center) ensures a greater focus on the subject. The accuracy and speed of operation contrastre AF in Live View has been improved by incorporating an image sensor new generation with new algorithms.

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