Ricoh Pentax VS20 User Manual PDF

Ricoh Pentax VS20 User Manual PDFRicoh Pentax VS20. PENTAX RICOH IMAGING COMPANY, LTD. is pleased to announce the launch of the new PENTAX Optio VS20 digital compact camera. The latest addition to PENTAX’s portfolio of compact cameras incorporates a full array of advanced functions and user-friendly features including16 megapixels, a high-power 20x optical zoom lens, and an extra-large, easy-to-view 3-inch colour LCD display.

Detailed features of Ricoh Pentax VS20.

Effortless, comfortable vertical-position shooting. The Optio VS20 features an extra shutter-release button and a second zoom lever, at its grip, to ensure a natural posture and comfortable hold of the camera during vertical-position shooting. The camera automatically adjusts its on-screen display by using its orientation sensor to detect vertical alignment, so the user can effortlessly capture images of vertically extended subjects, such as high-rise buildings. The Ricoh Pentax VS20 even offers a vertical-position tripod socket, allowing the photographer to securely set the camera up with a lighter, more portable tripod.

Automatic selection of the most appropriate shooting mode. The Ricoh Pentax VS20 features the PENTAX-developed Auto Picture mode, which automatically selects the most appropriate shooting mode for a given subject or scene by accurately assessing various photographic conditions over the entire image field. This user-friendly mode instantly selects one of 15 shooting modes including Blue Sky and Sunset and optimises various camera settings (such as sensitivity and shutter speed), so users can be assured of the best results with minimal effort.

Exceptional image quality. Thanks to the combination of 16 megapixels, a state-of-the-art image engine, a high-performance smc PENTAX zoom lens and the sophisticated CCD-shift-type SR (Shake Reduction) mechanism, the Ricoh Pentax VS20 delivers well-defined, high-quality images with extra-fine resolution. Even when images are enlarged, the user is assured of sharp, high-resolution prints with edge-to-edge clarity.

20x optical zoom lens with 28mm wide-angle coverage. The Ricoh Pentax VS20 features a high-performance, extra-powerful 20x optical zoom lens covering focal lengths from 28mm wide angle to 560mm super-telephoto (in the 35mm format). Thanks to its extra-wide zoom range, the Optio VS20 allows users to photograph a wide range of subjects and scenes — from landscapes to sports events. It also offers the following advanced features: high-quality macro shooting from a centimetre away from the subject; an Intelligent Zoom function to further extend the zoom range to approximately 144 times to cover the focal length of a super-telephoto lens of approximately 4032mm (in the 35mm format) and without compromising image quality.

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