Ricoh Pentax HZ15 User Manual PDF

Ricoh Pentax HZ15 User Manual PDFRicoh Pentax HZ15. HZ15 digital compact camera, features a lightweight, easy-to-carry body; a high-magnification optical 15-times zoom lens; and a large 3.0-inch LCD monitor. Within a compact, go-anywhere body, this new model features a host of outstanding features, including an optical 15-times zoom lens with 24mm ultra-wide-angle coverage, high-resolution image capturing with 16 effective megapixels,…

Detailed features of Ricoh Pentax HZ15.

… a large, easy-to-view 3.0-inch LCD monitor, and a sophisticated SR (Shake Reduction) mechanism. In addition, meticulous attention has been paid to every design detail, from the high-grade, glossy black coating to the easy-to-hold grip, enhancing the HZ15’s functional operations and stylish appearance.

State-of-the-art shake reduction mechanism. The Ricoh Pentax HZ15 comes equipped with an innovative CCD-shift-type SR (Shake Reduction) mechanism to deliver sharp, blur-free images even under camera-shake-prone shooting conditions, such as when photographing in the telephoto range, in the dark with only incident light, or for sunset scenes.

15X wide-angle optical zoom to accommodate a wide variety of subjects and scenes. Within its compact, lightweight body, the HZ15 features a powerful optical 15-times zoom lens covering focal lengths from 24mm wide-angle to 360mm super-telephoto (in the 35mm format).  Thanks to this extra-wide zoom range, the HZ15 can capture beautiful, lively pictures in a wide range of subjects and scenes — from spectacular landscapes to fast-action sports events. It even offers macro photography at a minimum focusing distance of just three centimeters from the subject.

Stylish, easy-to-hold body design. Every design detail of the Ricoh Pentax HZ15, including the finish and texture of the camera body, has been optimized for comfort, quality and operability. These include a glossy black coating on the body, an easy-to-hold grip, and functionally laid-out control buttons and switches.

Large 3.0-inch LCD monitor. The Ricoh Pentax HZ15 features a 3.0-inch LCD monitor with approximately 230,000 dots. This large monitor provides a clear view of images and menus, so the photographer can quickly and efficiently check captured images and menu settings.

High-resolution, HD-quality movie recording with push-button start. The Ricoh Pentax HZ15 captures beautiful, HD-quality movie clips (1280 x 720 pixels, 16:9 proportions, approx. 30 frames per second).Thanks to an independent movie recording button provided on the camera’s top panel, the user can instantly switch to the movie recording mode from any other shooting mode. The user can also take advantage of the sophisticated Movie SR (Shake Reduction) mode to minimize annoying camera shake during movie recording.


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