Ricoh Pentax K5 User Manual PDF

Ricoh Pentax K5 User Manual PDFRicoh Pentax K5. The PENTAX K-5 incorporates a new generation CMOS sensor, combined with the PRIME II image processor that produces images of high resolution and rich gradation. The default sensitivity range of the K-5 ranges from ISO 100 to 12,800, and can be expanded to ISO 80-51200 expanded sensitivity mode. Creating brilliant images with great detail even when conditions demand a higher ISO value.

Detailed features of Ricoh Pentax K5.

Video FULL HD (High Definition), 25 fps. The K-5 is not just a refl ex high performance camera also offers a video mode with a 16: 9 HD (1920 × 1080 pixels) at a frame rate of 25 frames per second. This way you can capture scenes when exceptional quality, giving your movies a professional dimension. You can browse other models like the Samsung Smart Camera NX300 or the Canon EOS 1200D.

High precision autofocus. The K-5 features the same autofocus system new generation SAFOX IX + the PENTAX 645D Medium Format, which features 11 sensor points (with nine cross-type center) to ensure the accuracy and speed.

Large LCD 3.0 “High resolution. The Ricoh Pentax K5 has an LCD screen 3-inch diagonal (7.6 cm) with 921,000 points for previewing images in great detail. Thanks to its extra-angular angle of 170 ° can have a clear view during framing of the subject.

The sensor new generation of PENTAX K-5 combined with fast autofocus ensures accuracy and contrast AF during Live View shooting are (direct view). With the addition of a grid, the K-5 offers a choice of three different patterns to facilitate image composition.

Shake Reduction – Sensor Stabilized. The stabilization mechanism developed Shake Reduction PENTAX sensor compensates the vibrations that occur in the K-5 when shooting freehand or shooting with long focal length objectives. A gyroscopic sensor analyzes the movement of the camera while electromagnets move the sensor in the opposite direction to reduce blur. Allowing you to shoot up to four stops slower, the stabilizer ensures optimum clarity.

Solid, compact, functional camera. The body of the K-5 includes 77 hermetically sealed joints to ensure optimal protection to splash water and snow, entry of sand and dust. The optional grip incorporates 43 sealed joints and objective standard WR, no less than 6. PENTAX is the only brand to offer a standard fully waterproof kit that allows you to use the K-5 in extreme weather conditions at temperatures up to 10 ° C below zero.

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