Ricoh Pentax K30 User Manual PDF

Ricoh Pentax K30 User Manual PDFRicoh Pentax K30. This new midrange model offers every standard Carateristics of one DSLR with remarkable operability. All packaged in a compato body, lightweight, weather resistant, perfect for outdoor photography, no worries.

Detailed features of Ricoh Pentax K30.

This model has been developed to help novice in the world of SLR to capture sharp images in high quality with 16 megapixels. Pentax K-30 combines a compact and lightweight models like home range body. Many of the advanced features found only in high models, such as weatherproof, dustproof, resistant to cold and prism viewfinder with a field of view of 100% range. Also ofers other useful features like 6 fps continuous shooting, shutter speed of 1/6000 and FULL HD video. Equipped with a ergonomic grip that allows easy and comfortable grip, and super sporty ergonomic design are the keys to success to ensure fast and efficient performance in the field. You can also scoger three different body colors: White Crystal or Crystal Blue, com a glossy finish and elegant traditional classic black.

Live View mode with useful advanced features. With the latest generation of CMOS sensor whose algorithms have been improved, the K-30 offers a vision very crisp, clear screen with a refresh rate of 60 fps image. It also has an auxiliary role to improve the accuracy of manual focus, as well as three types of grid (grid 4 × 4 3/3 rule, scale).

Large selection of editing tools. The Ricoh Pentax K30 offers the customization feature image that allows quickly and easily select a special finish to the image, choosing among 11 options such as “Cross Process”. It also has 19 digital filters, including “Miniature Effect”. These filters allow you to add visual effects for creative, artistic images without using a computer. In addition, extensive creative possibilities, puediendo apply multiple filters to a single image.

High resolution, low noise, playing the lifelike image. The Ricoh Pentax K30 features the latest generation of CMOS APS-C sensor. Ensures high reading speed for capturing digital images in high definition with wide gradation 16.28 effective megapixel D5300 like Nikon. The PRIME M image processor coupled to the sensor capable of recording high quality videos in FULL HD (1920 x 1080p at 30 fps). The Pentax K-30 not only helps reduce noise at high sensitivities, but also to low values, which provides a sensitivity range from ISO 100 to ISO 12800 (or ISO 25600 sensitivity to expand from the custom function).

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