Ricoh Pentax K S1 User Manual PDF

Ricoh Pentax K-S1 User Manual PDF

Ricoh Pentax K-S1. Advanced functions freely capture light for successful shot.

The interface of light “LEDs” intuitively guide operations.

Prepare for a new style of expression which can hold light in his hand. Introducing the new PENTAX K-S1.

Experience photography in a new light with the PENTAX K-S1.

Whether you’re new to photography or a skilled enthusiast, the K-S1 offers you the ability to take your imaging to the next level.

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The K-S1 night sky collection incorporates the colors that are predominate from dusk until dawn. The K-S1 incorporates new elements that optimize digital innovations, such as a compact, modern design and an inventive interface system.

The addition of LED lights adds brilliance to its exterior, while enhancing functionality.

The K-S1 also provides other outstanding features, rivaling those of high-end models, including: the PENTAX-developed anti-aliasing filter simulator (first incorporated on the PENTAX K-3), an optical viewfinder with a glass pentaprism to provide approximately 100% field of view, and an in-body shake reduction mechanism.

High-resolution images produced by the 20.12 megapixel CMOS sensor with a super-high sensitivity of ISO 51200

If you’re looking to upgrade your mobile photography, the PENTAX K-S1 is sure to smooth the transition with compactness, style and outstanding performance.

The Ricoh Pentax K-S1 is equipped with a newly developed CMOS image sensor with approximately 20.12 effective megapixels to deliver super-high-resolution images. It is also designed without an optical AA (anti-aliasing) filter to optimize the imaging power of the sensor.

In-body SR (Shake Reduction) mechanism The K-S1 features the PENTAX-developed SR (Shake Reduction) mechanism to effectively minimize camera shake and assure sharp, blur-free images, even in camera-shake-prone conditions such as when using a telephoto lens, shooting low-light scenes with incident light only, or photographing sunset scenes.

Innovative AA (anti-aliasing) filter simulator By applying microscopic vibrations to the image sensor unit at the sub-pixel level during image exposure, the Ricoh Pentax K S1’s AA filter simulator provides the same level of moiré-reduction effect as an optical AA filter.

ASTRO TRACER, which simplifies advanced astronomical photography in combination with the optional GPS unit, O-GPS1. This function is most effective with a shutter speed of 1/1000 second or slower.

The K S1 is equipped with a glass pentaprism finder featuring the same optics and coatings as those used in higher-level models.

It assures the highest level of viewfinder brightness in its class, with a magnification of approximately 0.95 times to provide a broad image field for easy focusing and framing.

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