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Mac Pro The laptop with higher resolution in the world. A machine as the wish and see if you get to get , ever get unglued from her.

With up to 12 cores of processing power. The fastest Mac ever seen. 12 good reasons to download the instruction manual ( instruction manual ) and find out everything you can do with it other than you could not. This machine offers two advanced processor options from Intel. The Intel Xeon processor is quad-core chip available in a single configuration with a 3.2GHz quad-core If you want more speed and power , choose an Intel Xeon processor núcleos.Está six models available in one or two processors, so you can have a six-core Mac Pro 3.33 GHz or up , to achieve maximum power , a system of twelve cores up to 3.06 GHz

With high-performance graphics cards AMD graphics technology up to 5 times faster than the Radeon HD 5770 sooner.1 ATI , ideal for working with motion graphics , 3D modeling , rendering, or animation , includes 1 GB of memory GDDR5 standard. It not only provides superior performance compared to standard graphics cards of the previous model , but it is also more potent than the high-end graphics cards of the previous generation.

The Mac Pro is equipped with four internal hard drive bays for 3.5-inch featuring a large internal storage : up to 8TB when you install four Serial SATA 2 drives TB1 to 3 Gb / s . Each bay has its own independent channel 3 Gb / s for fast access to data. Thanks to the installation of direct connect without cables, add or replace hard drives is an incredibly simple process.

New this Mac is the option of adding up to four solid-state drives of 512 GB or a mixture of hard disks and solid-state drives . Because solid-state drives have no moving parts , access data at speeds up to 266 MB / s , ie , twice the speed of hard drives. The result is an impressive performance in a wide range of tasks that handle a large amount of data such as video encoding ProRes two times faster with units with solid hard disk memory.

Wait no more and download the manual and user guide in PDF and Mac Pro as your perfect Spanish version and year of purchase.

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