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iPhone X. The great wonder of Apple has finally reached the market and many users have queued for hours to get one of these wonderful smartphones.

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It really is a true marvel of technology that Apple launches to the market. Design, features, functionality, technological advances, etc … all these features and many others make the iPhone X one of the best devices on the market but has a “small” fault: the four figures of its price.

Leaving aside the impermeability of iOS 11, nobody questions that the iPhone is not a true technological prodigy but we believe that manufacturers are getting out of hand. With the supposed crisis that we have over I can not see something less incoherent than to do with a device that double the minimum salary. I do not see it.

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Leaving aside this, the new iPhone will love even the most loyal to the operating system of Google (like me). Yes, I still think that I would buy the LG V30 or the Samsung Galaxy S8, which run under Android and cost considerably less.

The exterior of the smartphone is sublime with a Super Retina screen and OLED technology that not only shows perfect images but its response to touch is really accurate. The screen of 5.8 “extending to the ends without wasting almost no space of the front, reducing the size without losing screen.

Actually what we have just commented is not even the twentieth part of what the iPhone offers, but if we start to unmask functions and features we should extend ourselves into a disproportionate entry. And still, we would leave something to be told.

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We found it more useful to get into the Apple website, find the manual for the iPhone X and do the “dirty work”. This consists in passing the complete and colorful user manual posted online to a PDF document so that you can enjoy it without the need of an internet connection. Page by page, and with a lot of patience, we have created this User Manual for the iPhone X for all of you.

We hope you like it and share it in your profiles so that I got to everyone.

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