iPod Shuffle manual

iPod Shuffle: The smallest player Apple you’ll hardly notice carrying.

For some time now the Shuffle MP3 player saw the light, exactly in January 2005 (:official release:), and has since evolved to meet the fifth gen that combines the best of the previous four for greater enjoyment of users.

iPod Shuffle Manual And User Guide PDF

As you know it is a device to listen to our favorite music and it fits in our hands… closed !

Download iPod Shuffle manual on PDF

Being as small as an eraser implies that also is very light, only 12.5 grams, and this means that your use of them is also very simple.

With a few buttons we will have everything you need to enjoy hundreds of songs during their 15 hours of autonomy.

The design is exquisite and has a front with the most classic of digital audio players buttons: in a circle and the positions of the cardinal points has two buttons to raise and lower the volume and two others to advance and back in the song list.

On the side we found two more buttons. The first has three positions: off, normal play and random play.

The last update that reached the shuffle was the 4th generation (2010)

The second active Apple VoiceOver function that tells us the song and artist you are listening to or the battery level we are left with just one touch or hold it. Very useful if we are in the middle of a session running.

The only drawback, so called, and that is the common factor of the Apple devices, you need iTunes installed on your device to move songs to your Shuffle.

This means that if you’re traveling or at home from a friend and want to record a song or album that you like, is not as simple as connect via USB and drag but you have to install the software from Apple to do so. I do not understand why do not allow universally.

Although the latest generation of the shuffle is 5, Apple did not include a user manual because it did not change any of the software. The only difference with the previous model was that there were more colors available.

Download “iPod Shuffle 4ª gen.” Downloaded 1753 times – 698 KB

Download “iPod Shuffle 3ª gen.” Downloaded 1390 times – 609 KB

Download “iPod Shuffle 2ª gen.” Downloaded 1237 times – 533 KB

Download “iPod Shuffle” Downloaded 1587 times – 583 KB

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