Microsoft Word 2007

Microsoft Word 2007 | User manual in PDFMicrosoft Word 2007. It is the quintessential word processor. A simple tool with which we can develop a multitude of jobs and that both beginners and expert users can exploit to their advantage.

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The new interface for Office 2007 is very different from previous versions.

The first thing that you might notice is that some of the menus are no longer there. Most importantly, the FILE MENU is missing.

This is the most disconcerting issue for new users, but fear not! All of the features that you usually found in the FILE MENU are now behind the ubiquitous OFFICE BUTTON (circled below).

This is also where you will find tools and customization capabilities.

THE RIBBON. The foundation of the new user interface is the Ribbon. This replaces the old file menus, and provides a visual button for the most common features in each program.

The ribbon is the primary user interface for Word, PowerPoint and Excel. The ribbon is also used in Outlook when creating messages and scheduling appointments.

Other Office programs have retained the original file menu structure.


This may be one of the most effective time-management tools provided by the new office suite.

Instead of selecting a formatting option, then finding that it is not correct, and going through the formatting again, all you have to do is hover your cursor over the feature to see a live preview of the changes that would occur if you selected the feature. Some examples will be discussed below.

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