Windows 10 Manual And User Guide PDF

Windows 10 Manual And User Guide PDF
Windows 10 Manual And User Guide PDF

Windows 10. The latest operating system Microsoft liking to everyone. Find out why.

If you came to not upgrade to Windows 8 or 8.1 you will see fewer aesthetic and functional differences but if you decide to go through any of these versions, at first glance at startup you can see that the mythical start bar much prettier back and with many improvements.

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Back to basics for what could be the best version of Windows to date.

Currently, and according to data from Microsoft, millions of people already have installed version 10 and use every day.

This large area worldwide has been possible thanks to the generosity of the company to give away in the first year the system installation.

We just need to access the account and after a tedious download 3 GB, the installation will start and soon we can enjoy the new environment. Also they start to get their first phone with Windows 10. A candidate to be the best windows mobile phone is the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL.

Computers with Windows 10 native: DELL Inspiron 15 5000

We will soon realize that their characteristics and new features are quite useful at the user level, which will facilitate the daily life and will save time and headaches.

This has been achieved thanks to a community called “Windows Insider Program,” in which Windows fans have wanted to improve access to early versions and have tested offering comments on improvements and high value added.

This versión include the best windows 10 screensavers

Discover Cortana and the new Microsfot Edge. What catches the attention of the system is the new digital assistant to be more attentive to any questions or problems you have with the use of the system. Microsoft synchronized in all our devices, Cortana learn from us and remember our preferences to be a faster and more efficient assistant. It also gives useful information in real time as we have made reservations at a hotel or flights that have yet to be taken.

Windows 10 manual update

As always, system updates occur automatically for security. Periodically, Windows checks for updates and installs them so you do not have to do anything. To update windows manually, click on the Start button and go to Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Update , and select Check for updates (look up the manual for more info).

Windows will search for the new updates and show you the options to download and install.

And if most do is surf the net, with the new Edge will discover a world of possibilities and a totally innovative social aspect.

Edge lets you write directly on the websites to share information in real time, eliminating the annoying distractions that we are reading our favorite portal and enjoy faster Web searches.

Move to Windows 10 and find out why it is the favorite.

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