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Sony SmartBand 2. A simple design to find the perfect balance between physical activity and a healthy life.

Some time ago we saw the Sony Smartwatch 3 and we were totally convinced of its possibilities and that it facilitated many tasks to make our lives easier. In this case it is not a watch but an activity bracelet what Sony offers us.

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It does not have all the functions and technology of the smart watch but also with its high price.

The Sony SmartBand 2 comes in the group of simple activity wristbands with silicone strap. This does not mean that it is a device without style, on the contrary, Sony has provided the SmartBand 2 with an ergonomic design and a soft silicone so that we always wear it and we do not even notice it is there. Except for when we are most useful.

Among its functions are typical of these devices: the heart rate monitor to monitor daily activity and our heart rate.

The connection is made by Bluetooth and NFC and is compatible with Android (4.4 or higher) and iOS (8.2 or higher)

The sleep monitor to know the quality of the same and be able to focus on the factors that improve it. Connection with our smartphone to manage notifications and calls.

Thanks to the Lifelog application we can see the activities of the week or the previous year. The bracelet itself detects the exercise or activity that we are doing and registers it in the application.

The calls and notifications make use of the subtle vibration of the mobile and LED lights to warn us when someone claims us without the whole world. And so that we never remove it from the wrist (except for charging) it has protection against dust and water complying with the IP68. Our Smartband 2 will hold up to 3 meters deep.

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