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Sony DSC RX100 I II III IV V Manual And User Guide PDF

Sony DSC RX100. Today we offer you not only the manual of the fifth and last version of the RX100, but all the manuals of the other models and quite useful information on updates and supplements.

Download Manual And User Guide Of Sony DSC RX100

The compact of Sony are designed to enjoy superb quality regardless of size. We can do with it in the palm of our hand and the weight of any of the models does not exceed 299 grams for the RX100 V. The lightest is the first model, the RX100 I, with 240 grams.

From the first version of the RX100 to the last one in the series we have quite a lot of hardware and software improvements. One of the most important that has “suffered” the range is the incorporation of BIONZ X image processor. From the RX100 III model we can enjoy incredible speed. It does not mean that the RX100 I and the RX100 II are slow, the previous BIONZ also had its virtues.

As for the sensor, the change of the CMOS Exmor R to the CMOS Exmor RS arrived from the model M4 (RX100 IV) being able to enjoy an aspect ratio of 3: 2 in our captures.

The megapixels have remained at 20 with some tenth above or below. It is not really the MP number that defines the quality of an image although it is clear that it influences the final result.

In optical zoom they lose the most modern versions with 2.9X versus 3.6x for the first two models. In the capture modes, the RX100 M4 and the RX100 M5 win with high burst capacity and video recording in 4K.

Unfortunately, Sony decided to remove the NFC and Wifi connectivity from the RX100 IV, which they included in the second and third models, and so on in the RX100 V.

All versions include functions for experts, designed for the most advanced users. And the prices go from lower to higher depending on how new the camera is. The normal. We leave you the links to update the software version and to download the user manuals in PDF.

Download “Sony DSC RX100 I”
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Download “Sony DSC RX100 IV”
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