Samsung WB250F | Manual and user guide in PDF

Samsung WB250F | Manual and user guide in PDF Samsung WB250FWe present the WB250F Smart Camera, a camera with a stylish design that lets you share your photos easily thanks to the integrated WLAN and its hybrid user interface. You can do close-ups of his zoom18x quality, and spectacular panoramic pictures with the wide-angle 24 mm.

Detailed features of the Samsung WB250F.

14M BSI CMOS sensor & Low Light Shot. A sunset beach party, a dimly-lit dance club — great photo opportunities don’t always have the best lighting. Capture properly exposed images in low-light situations with the 14-megapixel BSI (Back Side Illuminated) CMOS sensor, which needs less light than conventional sensors. And use Low Light Shot to automatically select the best setting and merge three continuous shots into one, clear photo.

Stylish and Classic Design. The quietly beautiful SMART CAMERA re-imagines the classic professional camera and brings it into the digital era. With a slender body, the design highlights its modern sensibilities with flashes of timeless elegance. Even the unobtrusive DIRECT LINK button maintains the sleek build. The impressive wide-angle lens helps entice your subjects to smile, while the pop-up flash surprises and delights.

3″ hVGA Hybrid Touch User Interface. Presenting a user interface with twice the advantages. The Hybrid Touch User Interface offers two options: use the 5-way button to quickly move the cursor up, down, left and right to intuitively navigate the menu and make selections on the 3” hVGA screen. Alternately, when you want to enter text – such as an email address, for when you’re sharing photos -simply input the characters on the touch screen, much like you would on a smartphone. Navigating controls and sharing images couldn’t be easier.

Full HD Recording. Capture 1920 x 1080 Full HD video with life-like colour and extraordinarily sharp details. Shoot longer too – the camera’s H.264 format allows longer recording than a camera with MJPEG video does. When you’re done, you can watch your brilliant HD footage large as life on your HDTV.

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