Samsung NX mini Manual And User Guide in PDF

Samsung NX mini | Manual and user guide in PDF Samsung NX mini. Carry something small that captures it all. NX mini is the world’s slimmest and lightest interchangeable lens camera. Now pro performance fits in your pocket.

Detailed features of the Samsung NX mini.

Premium Vintage Look. With its solid metal body and leather-like finish, the NX mini combines modern simplicity with a touch of analogue. It also comes in a choice of 5 colours to match your look.

Flip Up & Wink. Flip up the 3” screen and your NX mini is on and ready to take the perfect selfie. Touch it or let your wink be its command. In 2 seconds you’ll have a shot worth sharing.

Tap to Share. When it’s time to share your photos, all it takes is a simple tap with PhotoBeam. Tag & Go is powered by NFC and it transfers the image you’re viewing to any compatible smartphone.

Group Share. The easiest way to transfer multiple photos and albums is via NFC with Mobile Link. Select your moments and the camera does the rest, sharing with up to 4 friends.

Easy Syncing. Save photos as you go with Autoshare. The NX mini sends each new photo to your smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi. It can even assign GPS tags, so every snap has its spot on the map.

Remote Control. Shoot hands-free. Remote Viewfinder Pro lets you adjust your camera settings using your smartphone and then take the shot when you’re ready – not when the timer tells you.

Brilliant Detail. The NX mini’s super-sized 20.5 MP 1” sensor delivers an amazingly high resolution that puts smartphones in their place. All those pixels mean stunning detail and true-to-life colours.

Superior Actions Shots. The shutter blinks at the increadibly fast speed of 1/16000 second. Now you can catch the decisive moment you want to hold onto, even as your subject flies by.

Download USER MANUAL of Samsung NX mini

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