Nikon D60

Nikon D60 manualNikon D60. The D60 is a digital single-lens reflex camera that was introduced in 2008.

It is still a popular camera today due to its features and affordable price point for beginners and enthusiasts in photography.

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One of the most important attributes of the D60 is its 10.2 effective megapixel resolution, which allows for high-quality images.

The camera also has a Nikon DX format sensor, which enables high sensitivity with low noise levels. This feature is useful in low-light settings, such as indoor or evening photography.

The D60 has several user-friendly features that make it accessible to a wide range of photographers.

Its Auto Focus system utilizes eleven focus points to help ensure that images remain in focus. Additionally, it has a 3D tracking system that can track moving objects in the frame and ensure that they remain in focus.

Other features of the D60 include a 2.5-inch LCD screen that provides clear view of what the camera is capturing

The camera also allows for the shooting of RAW files, which is useful for those who want to edit their images later in post-production.

Overall, the D60 is an excellent option for those who are starting out in photography or looking for an affordable camera that provides high-quality images.

Its user-friendly features and versatility make it a top choice for photography enthusiasts who value both quality and convenience.

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