Nikon D2Hs

Nikon D2HsNikon D2Hs. The D2Hs is a professional-grade, 4.1-megapixel digital camera that packs a punch in terms of performance and capabilities.

Specifically designed for sports, action, and wildlife photography, the D2Hs offers a high-speed continuous shooting capability and a fast autofocus system that can help capture those critical moments.

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The camera features a 3D Color Matrix Metering system that helps deliver accurate exposures, and a built-in, retractable TTL flash that can help provide additional light.

The D2Hs also features a large 2.5-inch LCD that makes it easy to view and preview shots.

One of the most impressive features of the D2Hs is its high-speed shooting capabilities. With a continuous shooting speed of up to 8 frames per second, the camera can help capture even the fastest action.

Additionally, with a buffer capacity of up to 40 JPEG or 25 RAW images, photographers can keep shooting without worrying about running out of space.

As for autofocus, the D2Hs features a 11-area AF system that can help ensure that the subject is always in focus

The camera also offers a predictive focus tracking mode that can help keep the subject in focus even if it starts to move.

In terms of durability, the D2Hs is built to last. Its magnesium alloy body is both lightweight and rugged, making it suitable for use in the toughest conditions.

And, with a shutter life of up to 200,000 cycles, the camera is built to keep shooting for years to come.

Overall, the D2Hs is a powerful and reliable camera that is well-suited to professionals who need a camera that can keep up with even the most demanding subjects.

Whether shooting sports, wildlife, or any other action-packed subject, the D2Hs can help capture the moment with speed and accuracy.

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