Xiaomi Mi Max 3

Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Manual And User Guide PDF
Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Manual And User Guide PDF

Xiaomi Mi Max 3. A few months ago it reached the market and its evolution has been exponential. The evolution of Xiaomi’s phable has led her to have a screen of almost 7 “. Will they give backpacks when buying it?

Download Manual Xiaomi Mi Max 3 pdf

Although both the title and the headers tell you to download the user manual, we are sorry to tell you otherwise. If you have already had a Xiaomi smartphone, you will know that they are not given to publish any user guide. At best, some first steps or something similar. So we have no choice but to discuss the differences and / or best of this version and keep checking on the official website in case they decide to launch the manual.

Between the Max and the Max 2 there was no change in the screen and kept its 6.44 “but in the Max 3 up to 6.99” reaching a resolution of Full HD + image of 2,160 x 1,080 pixels. This means that the size increases but if we take into account that they already had a considerable size … so no problem!

The performance has also gained points passing to a Qualcomm Snapdragon 646 and Adreno 509 graphics chip. It is not a scandalous difference but if we add it to the 6 GB of RAM we will see how the games and the operating system fly under our fingers. Important to note that there is a model with 4 GB instead of six.

The other important difference of the Max 3 is its double rear camera. A more than 5 MP is added to the 12 MP camera so that we can capture images from another level. Of course, they maintain the ability to record videos in 4K quality.

There are also improvements for the battery, the operating system, storage and the front camera, among others, but they are not reflected in the price that is maintained at a very competitive level.

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