Samsung NX500

Samsung NX500 Manual And User Guide PDF

Samsung NX500. If you want a camera accurate, quality and latest technology … the NX500 is waiting.

A camera with a retro look that combines technology efficiently and graphics processing with excellent results.

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For starters, its sensor 28 MP APS-C BSI provides crisp images and full color with a suitable professional resolution for prints of any size without loss of quality guaranteed by having the reproduction standard highest market Color (September 15 2014).

Your DRIMe VLA image processor developed by Samsung also won the recognition of being the fastest in its market.

It allows us to make photos and videos in appalling conditions and get excellent results thanks to its ACCURACY, rendmiento and high speed shutter.

It also has auto focus to frame our catch of the fastest and easiest way.

This Smart Camera, and as anyone who calls himself so, allows us to make clips and movies in 4K resolution to enjoy our images with superb resolution.

The codec used for recording is the HEVC H.265 version that allows us to get this quality of image occupying half the space than the previous version and, of course, without quality loss.

Among intelligent functions highlight is in Auto Shot that analyzes and recognizes the scene objects to regulate the shutter for the most optimal result.

It has Bluetooth connectivity! NFC and WiFi for high-resolution sharing all our works in the most convenient and simple way. Even in social networks.

Finally, an ergonomic design makes hold in your hand is an experience. Comfort, quality art technology and perfectly define this Samsung Smart Camera.

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