Samsung NX1000 Manual and User Guide in PDF

Smart Camera NX1000 | Guide and user manual in PDF English

Today, nobody knows Samsung focuses on the implementation of really ambitious projects in all directions. A clear example is the NX1000 Smart Camera. One of these cameras that are considered intelligent and can perform a number of functions that we will make life in our own shots. But turn to what really matters and we’ll talk a little more about this camera you can do real wonders.

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But this is not all that you have this device and we must also consider that it has a 20.3 megapixel seems more than enough for almost any photo. It also features a moving target to give it greater versatility at all times.

But also, this company Korean camera is perfectly integrated into the modern era and allows you, in a very simple way, in fact, you only have to press one or two buttons, share all your images so that social networks can be fate. So your family and friends will be informed of your latest adventures.

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