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Lenovo Hw01 Manual reference manual

Lenovo HW01. The HW01 is not very known in the world of sports wristbands but at first glance it has caught our attention. Not only for its simple and attractive design but also because it does not involve a large outlay if we are curious to try one of these wearables.

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It had been a while since we uploaded the user manual of a wearable and we realized that we have many pending. So this week we will look for the most popular internet guides and we will upload them.

Retur to the wearable protagonist of this post, we immediately noticed that it is a fairly simple device, with the most essential functions and that can cover all our needs without a high cost.

The Lenovo activity wristband is perfect for occasional or regular athletes who want to keep track of their sessions including the following data: Distance traveled, Counter of spent calories, Sleep monitor, Sedentary alarm, Pedometer to control the daily steps and Heart rate monitor (heart rate monitor).

If you are familiar with these devices sure that these features have reminded others practically the same as the Xiaomi Band 2. The Xiaomi is virtually the same as it has a button on the bottom of the screen while this is tactile.

Like Band 2, we can receive application and call notifications and improve Xiaomi’s by allowing us to remotely control the camera or by setting up a call reminder.

It also has IP65 so we can swim or swim with it without problems although for the latter we recommend not using it since its certificate does not include immersion. Join the select group of sports wristbands for less than $30.

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