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 kindle paperwhite user guide

Kindle PaperWhite. If your hobby is reading, you can not live without. Discover reading the future with the best ebook (electronic book) ever.

If you want is to read comfortably day and night, in all possible light conditions, the latest Kindle is right for you.

Download Amazon Kindle PaperWhite user guide

There can be two reasons for you do not know the Amazon Kindle: the first is not like anything, but nothing, reading and the other you’ve been on a deserted island since leaving the first version back in 2007. Since then it has undergone many changes; as the disappearance of the physical Home button.

In this case we will tell you that that year Amazon created a wonder that would change the way you read a book.

As digital book reader the Paperwhite model has a feature to keep in mind before choosing a less expensive model. The first is that it has backlight for reading our favorite books total darkly without notice eye discomfort. It is a joy that until evidence was not believed.

By using electronic ink we will have no problem to read the full light of day. Reflexes are history and function to regulate the light can adapt to any environment.

Save pages and chapters while reading grace to the new functions of kindle

The third generation of the Paperwhite has more resolution than the previous two and Bookerly, an exclusive source for reading digital displays. Made by hand for easy reading regardless of the size of the font.

The battery lets you use your Kindle for a whole month, in fact my usually takes me a lot longer. If we remove the WiFi we forget that it is charging. The reading menu includes an option to take notes directly in books and share them on social networks.

We will also have the Amazon Cloud to store books and synchronize our content. We may also send books directly to Cloud using an email with the domain “@” Amazon offers to register the device. Than easy as sign up in your account and start enjoying your new book. Quick and free.

From the menu we can see … What formats does kindle paperwhite read?

The Kindle supports a multitude of ebook formats so we don’t have to break our heads with Caliber conversion software.

From the formats that are your property: mobi, AZW and AZW3. Even the most common as plain text documents (TXT) or universal PDF (Portable Document Format).

There are many more that you probably do not use that are: PRC natively; HTML, DOC, DOCX, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP. All these are designed for tablets or pc.

The first thing is that it has retro lighting to be able to read our favorite books in total darkness and without noticing discomfort in the eyes.

It is a joy that is not believed until proven. A marvel. When using electronic ink we will have no problem to read in full daylight and at night, the screen does not harm our eyes.

The reflections are history and with the function to regulate the light we can adapt it to any environment.

The third generation of PaperWhite comes with more resolution than the previous two and also Bookerly, an exclusive source for reading on digital screens.

Bookerly Page: the hand-made font for easy reading regardless of size

The battery allows you to use the Kindle for a whole month, in fact it usually lasts much longer. If we remove the WiFi connection we will forget that it is charging until the day we cannot read due to lack of battery.

Thanks to the Amazon Cloud or Cloud we can to save books and synchronize the content on our devices.

We can send books directly to the Cloud through an email with domain “@”. This is created in the settings automatically from our email when registering the reader. This feature allows us to have a quick synchronization and update of the content.

Download the help document for the version of Amazon E Reader you have. We have included all available (March’19). If it is not available, you can indicate in the comments for us to look for it

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