Huawei P20 Manual And User Guide PDF

Huawei P20 Manual And User Guide PDF

Huawei P20 Manual And User Guide PDF

Huawei P20. The smartphone with the best value for money is already in the market and could not be from another manufacturer. Huawei continues to gain supporters and its P20 begins to rise like the foam in the top five.

Download Manual And User Guide Of Huawei P20

There will always be a user who does not agree and see your Galaxy S9 or iPhone X as superior to or even the P20 Pro. But if we stop to think about the use that most of us give to smartphones, the fact that their price is one third of those mentioned is the main reason that it has conquered us.

Artificial Intelligence and a camera to master the image in maximum quality

Turning to the technological part suffice it to say that it surpasses the Huawei P10 and that it will take a long time until we deepen in all its corners. From a camera that is capable of modeling in 3D from a simple photos to its Kirin processor with artificial intelligence, the P20 will make us keep the smile on our face for a long time.

As it can not be otherwise, the new flagship of Huawei has the Pro and Lite version. Both to please the sector of users who want a little more and the sector that has a tight budget. Even so, even if we decided on the Lite version, we still have a dual camera, designed in crystal, a long-lasting battery and a processor that can handle everything.

In the following links you can download the official user manuals to exploit 100% of the device. They are in PDF format, as always, and uploaded to our MEGA account to facilitate and expedite the download.

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