CorelCAD Manual And User Guide PDF All versions

CorelCAD. Enjoy effective and affordable CAD software with features and tools on technical drawing 2D and 3D design industry standard.

CorelCAD | User Manual in PDF

Improve your productivity and design performance with the new functionality restrictions drawing, editing text in context and interactive design tools and editing.

Work in a familiar environment with improved UI and customizable ribbon and other popular CAD functions.

Open, edit and share files in DWG format and easily collaborate with colleagues and suppliers.

Take advantage of compatibility with CorelDRAW Graphics and automation functions that provide performance and impressive speed in both Windows and Mac platform.

Download CorelCAD user manual in PDF

Boasting the most comprehensive portfolio of innovative software, we’ve built a reputation for delivering solutions that are easy to learn and use, helping people achieve new levels of creativity and productivity.

Features of CoralCAD:

  • Native support for DWG files. Open, edit and save files in the current DWG format and collaborate easily with colleagues and suppliers. Save the drawings in DWG format file or DXF R12 and recovers damaged all versions CAD files.
  • 2D technical drawing tools precision. Create amazing designs and projects with precise 2D technical drawing tools such as guides and tools fit into dynamic screen, new restrictions drawing, text editing tools in context and intelligent dimension.
  • Comprehensive package of 3D design tools. Progresses slowly towards 3D design tools for creating 3D solid models to create primitive and advanced 3D shapes using 3D editing operations.
    Join the revolution 3D design using 3D tools to create projects from initial sketches to finished product for 3D printing.
  • Customizable options. Adapt your working environment to your design needs with a hybrid product (Windows PC and Mac). It can be used in various ways and provides a fully customizable UI and compatibility with automation, including LISP and VSTA as well as the option to reuse existing CAD macros.

Corel is one of the world’s top software companies providing some of the industry’s best-known graphics, productivity and digital media products

The industry has responded with hundreds of awards for innovation, design, and value.

Download corelcad user guide for dummies and avanced users.

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The CorelCAD 2020 version is now available on the official Corel website. Among its new features include:

  • Complete data extraction assistant: allows us to choose a set of attributes of an object or block and extract it quickly and easily.
  • Offset border: we can generate 2D objects and metal structure geometry from the limit of a solid or 3D surface
  • New dimension style: from a specific dimension we can create a new custom dimension style.
  • Improvement in custom blocks: we will save time by saving the blocks we use the most to import it into other designs.
  • More complete PDF files: new layers will be created from the layers of the DWG design by grouping them together.

The guide of this version is not yet published but as soon as it is available we will optimize it and include the link.

*Last Update: 24/02/2020
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