Canon XF100 XF105 XF300 XF305 | Manual and user guide in PDFCanon XF100 XF105 XF300 XF305. The unique XF105 camcorder is Canon’s smallest MPEG-2 4:2:2 50Mbps codec and Full HD. It is very versatile thanks to the connectivity studies, professional audio and extensive customization. Do not miss the rest of the XF range.

Detailed features of the Canon XF100 XF105 XF300 XF305.

MPEG -2 recording at up to 50Mbps (4:2:2). The XF100 records MPEG -2 MXF ( Media eXchange Format) files up to 1920 x 1080 Full HD at 50Mbps (4:2:2 ), memory cards CompactFlash ( CF ) , que can be Purchased relativamente anywhere and are inexpensive . Relay Recording function ( continuous recording ) between two card slots allow filming to continue without interruption, Double Slot Recording Whilst the ( simultaneous recording of two slots) lets you store the same footage to Both cards.
Lightweight / compact design. XLR inputs. Rugged and lightweight design Allows you To Have exceptional versatility and functionality to your fingertips. Linear PCM audio can be captured via twin XLR inputs and stereo microphone With the Also mounted on the front.
LCD 8.8 cm ( 3.5” ) and 920,000 pixels EVF of 0.6 cm ( 0.24 ” ) and 260,000 pixels. Both camcorders feature a large LCD screen side . This display of 8.8 cm ( 3.5″) offers an exceptional resolution of 920,000 pixels, an waves and integrated monitor function to focus on the edges to help set up the photograph. EVF Also has 0.61 cm ( 0.24 ”) and 260,000 pixels with 100 % coverage.
3D Assist Functions ; infrared recording mode. The XF100 has the Genlock and 3D Shooting Assist ( OIS Axis Change and Focal Length Guide) support stereoscopic 3D functions That video recording with two video cameras. With twice the sensitivity of infrared ( IR) than previous models, it is Also perfect for recording in low light thanks to the new infrared recording mode with built -in IR lamp. Options available in green and white to suit different projects.

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