Canon EOS 5DS R

Canon EOS 5DS r Manual And User Guide PDF
Canon EOS 5DS r Manual And User Guide PDF

Canon EOS 5DS R. Designed for ultimate DSLR image quality, with a 50.6-megapixel resolution and low-pass cancel filter that maximizes camera sensor sharpness.

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Images with high dynamic range. It preserves the details of the areas of light and shadows through HDR images.

Ideal for capturing landscapes and still lifes, combining three different exposure images: standard, underexposure and overexposure.

Multiple exposure

Create stunning composite images on the camera using multi-exposure mode, which superimposes images with multiple automatic multiple exposure control options.

Use the 61 AF points together or group them in moving areas that cover motifs that are not centered. Alternatively, select a single AF point to focus precisely on a specific part of the scene.

Advanced tracking and recognition of the subject. The EOS AF iTR Tracking and Smart Recognition technology uses face and color information to recognize and track subjects as they move through the frame.

Selecting the AF point

The responsiveness of the AF can be customized with a simple tool that adjusts the focus tracking depending on the shooting environment and the subject.

Thus, other subjects passing momentarily ahead of the subject do not interfere with the focus.

Reduction of mirror vibration for total sharpness

The Canon EOS 5DS R employs Canon’s Mirror Vibration Control System to reduce vibrations caused by internal movements within the camera, which can spoil the sharpness of the image and reduce resolution.

Cams are used to move the mirror up or down with better control, which prevents sudden stops and softens the shutter release sound.

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