Adobe Acrobat Reader Manual And User Guide PDF

Adobe Acrobat Reader Manual And User Guide PDF
Adobe Acrobat Reader Manual And User Guide PDF

Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download manuals Adobe Acrobat Reader, the famous reader and editor of PDF files.

Download manual Adobe Acrobat Reader pdf

If anyone does not know the Acrobat and Reader software is that it has never used a computer. The convenient Portable Document Format (PDF) has always been related directly with Adobe software for reading and editing. There is also the Reader only allows us to open and read documents in this format but does not let us change and save our own documents. Unlike PDF Reader which is free, it needs to have a license for use.

Since the first version, 1.0, in 1993, to the latest stable version published on 13 October 2015, Adobe Acrobat DC, the evolution of the program has been exponential. Both in features of programs and in their names, which went berserk many users of both Windows and Mac. It is now also available for Android operating systems, Windows Phone and iOS.

Like curiosity to indicate that, from version 3.0, the program has support for Javascript allowing the author of the document include a block of code that can be executed when the document is opened. Thus the functionality of a PDF document is expanding but also brought some security problems with Internet Explorer browser.

Download “Adobe Acrobat Reader 8 Professional” – Downloaded 1735 times – 23.76 MB

Download “Adobe Acrobat Reader 9 PRO Extended” – Downloaded 5036 times – 25.55 MB

Download “Adobe Acrobat XI” – Downloaded 3060 times – 14.89 MB

Download “Adobe Acrobat DC” – Downloaded 1922 times – 15.44 MB

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