Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro

Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 ProXiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro. The Xiaomi do not stop selling and selling units. The success that started with the Mi A1 is already accompanied by almost two dozen devices, if we have models and variations of these. Let’s see what he has to offer us.

Download manual of Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro

The Note 6 Pro puts itself at the head of the Redmi range that as you surely know, corresponds with the Xiaomi mid-range smartphones.

The Mi are the top of the brand and those that take almost all the applause.

Although you have to keep in mind that not everyone wants a very powerful and / or expensive mobile.

In the case of Note 6 Pro we found a very attractive price and four striking signals to attract users.

We refer to its four cameras located two in two both front and back and that are controlled by the Xiaomi AI.

If you have decided for him, you are about to enter a new dimension of selfies.

Although normally the camera / s back / s usually have greater benefits, in the case of Redmi Note 6 Pro is the other way around.

The front cameras add 20 + 2 MP to achieve important effects that will make you shine in any social network.

The backs do not fall short since we are talking about 12 + 5 MP and also make use of the AI ​​to adjust the best scene.

Dual pixel offers us a super fast autofocus to capture the maximum definition in any situation

Leaving aside the photographic theme, which for us is well and truly fulfilled, we get full with the performance.

This is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 with eight Kyro processors that make the operating system fly. We also have two RAM options (3 and 4) so ​​gamers have it easier.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro

The 4,000 mAh battery allows us to stay two days without having to charge the smartphone.

But two normal days, if you spend the 24 hours glued to the screen fusing the games of Google Play there will be devices that hold that pace for a single day.

We finished with the 6.26 “FHD screen and Corning Gorilla Glass protection that allows us to enjoy games, series, internet and any activity without having to carry a large device.

We are sorry we can not offer the Redmi Note 6 Pro user manual since the Xiaomi guys do not have it published.

Many orphaned user guidance devices are starting to appear and there are many of these that they believe are indispensable. Like us.

We leave you the version that is on the official page that is more a quick start guide.

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