Vexia Zippers 4

Vexia Zippers 4. We may be facing one of the most comprehensive in its range and size when it was published smartphones.

Vexia Zippers 4 Manual and user guide in PDF
Vexia Zippers 4 Manual and user guide in PDF

Now … it remains a smartphone that will do more.

With its beautiful and stylish design, the Zippers 4 was the first device in this range and although the brand is not well known, its value has sold a number of devices.

Its unique design allows quick access to all its features.

Download Manual and User Guide of Vexia Zippers 4

Speaking of hardware, noting that has a dual-core processor at 1.3 GHz, a multitouch 4″ screen, 512 MB of RAM (bordering on cowardice), 4 GB of internal memory (pass vileness to spare), a low 1,500 mAh battery and a 5 MP camera with which the photos we want but a long overdue resolution to the running time.

This is because from time-to-market has already rained a lot. Still, for undemanding users, this device will find a good ally.

Would highlight features such as “I have an idea” with which we can send to our email quickly and anything that comes to mind.

The “Econav” technology that allows us to save up to 20% fuel. Zippers and interface system adds several tabs android to help easily access any application.

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