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Soon we will start uploading tutorials about what you want. If you need a tutorial about a device or software, indicate it in the following field and send it to us.

We already have a lot and soon we will start publishing them 🙂

    Last requests received

    Canon PowerShot G3 by Will

    Oppo A39 by Alrasid

    Windows 10 by Eddie

    Gimp by Horse

    Another downloads

    The Lost requests


    These requests have come to us from the form above but we don’t know what to do with them.

    If you are encouraged to ask us for the manual of a device or a tutorial, we advise you to give as much information as possible to be able to meet that request.

    These are the last we have received and we have not known what to do with them:

      1. Empty mailbox” by JAN

      2. Activate the program for Chinese characters pen writing input” by Edwars

      3. how to load favorites” by Bern


      5. How to reset step counter” by Carole

      6. Manual” by MARIA ÂNGELA

      7. user manual” by QQ

      8. Russian and English languages usage?” by Vladimir

      9. How to view accumulated data??” by Tmarsh