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Bluboo Logo reference manual

Bluboo is a Chinese smartphone manufacturing company that was founded in 2006.

They are known for producing affordable phones with impressive features, such as large batteries and high-resolution screens.

Bluboo offers a range of smartphones, including the flagship models such as the Bluboo S3 and Bluboo S8.

They also manufacture rugged smartphones that can withstand extreme conditions, like the Bluboo D5 Pro.

Bluboo has a global presence, with their smartphones being sold in various countries including China, Europe, and Russia.

They are committed to providing quality products to their customers as seen in their use of updated software and hardware.

Bluboo has a very active online presence with a dedicated and responsive customer service team.

They also offer after-sales services like repair and maintenance to ensure customers have a dependable and long-lasting experience with their products.