Samsung WB200F User Manual PDF

Samsung WB200F | Manual and user guide in PDFSamsung WB200FWe present the WB200F Smart Camera, a camera with a stylish design that lets you share your photos easily thanks to the integrated WLAN and its hybrid user interface. You can do close-quality 18x zoom with its spectacular panoramic photos using wide-angle 24 mm.

Detailed features of the Samsung WB200F.

Total now more intuitive. Control HVGA hybrid touchscreen 3.0 “(75 mm). We present a user interface with twice the benefits. The touch user interface hybrid gives you two options: use the five-way keypad to move around the screen up, down, left and right. In addition, when you want to enter text, such as an email address, you only have to enter characters on the touch screen, as if it were a smartphone. Has never been easier to navigate menus and share images.

24 mm CCD sensor with 14 megapixels and 18x zoom. Wherever you are you can make crisp and defined. The 18x optical zoom lets you perform amazing close-ups from any distance, while its wide-angle 24 mm do spectacular panoramic images. Also, if the lighting conditions are not optimal, the CCD sensor of 14 megapixels ensures high quality images without noise.

Elegant and classic design. Amazing Smart Camera homage to classic professional cameras and rescues to jump into the digital age a modern design, with features such as thinness and lightness but with an elegance and traditional sophistication. Even the discreet button Direct Link maintains a sleek look. Its wide-angle lens and the flash does not pop leave anyone indifferent.

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