Samsung ST93 ST94 User Manual in PDF

 Samsung ST93 ST94 | Manual and user guide in PDFSamsung ST93 ST94. With its 16.1 -megapixel ST93 or ST94 the camera offers unforgettable photos with great detail . Plus, with its wide-angle 26 mm , all fit into the picture.

Detailed features of the Samsung ST93 ST94.

And with its 5x optical zoom you will approach no matter the distance . Capture all your memories with the same quality in which you lived with Samsung .

Quake , rattle or stroll. Even the slightest movement can ruin your picture. The dual image stabilization solves . Samsung has combined the revolutionary technology of its Optical Image Stabilizer ( OIS ) with advanced algorithms of Digital Image Stabilisation ( DIS ) , getting sharp images no matter the circumstances . Whether it’s low light , zooming or use you shake hands , your photos always come out sharp and well defined. So let your Samsung camera is that things move in the best sense of the word.

High sensitivity ISO 3200. Through the ISO 3200 setting , your Samsung camera can minimize noise in the photos to give sharper images even in low light . Moreover, the ISO 3200 you can take perfectly focused photos of moving images such as a sporting event .

If it comes to shine the brightest : 2.7 ” Intelligent LCD screen. Enjoy a wider and clearer image with its Intelligent LCD 2.7 ” , able to provide the best contrast and color reproduction. Your intelligent LCD automatically detects environmental illumination and adjusts the LCD brightness for optimal viewing provide image . ST93 the new camera is the best choice.

Download USER MANUAL of Samsung ST93 ST94

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