Samsung ST700 | User Manual in PDF for free

 Samsung ST700Samsung ST700. The ST700 Smart Filter your color choices and bring a special touch to your photos and videos. The tilt & shift effect gives your photos a miniaturized look, while the effect bullet offers strong contrasts compositions.

Detailed features of the Samsung ST700.

Invent new looks for your images. The Samsung ST700’s Smart Filter lens and colour options make special moods easy for still shots and videos. Tilt &Shift Lens Effect adds a miniaturised look and the Vignetting Effect offers striking compositional contrasts. New special effects include Soft Focus to soften colours and add an emotional feel and Half-Tone Dot which gives your images a comic-book look. It’s now a snap to get creative.

Edit your own special effects. The unique Magic Frame feature allows you to create sophisticated images and poster-quality visuals that express your mood and personality. Just select one of the built-in Magic Frame templates, including Wall Art, Old Film, Ripple, Full Moon, Old Record, Magazine, Holiday, Classic TV and more. Point the camera at the subject you want, match it within the on-screen template and capture. That’s it. Your subject now is framed by a special mood and background – like magic.

Twice the fun with Dual LCDs. The effortless way to get perfect pictures, Samsung ST700 has a generous 1.8” frontside display so you’re part of every image. Preview self-portraits, then click, with you in every frame — in a snap. Flip the camera around to enjoy photos on the wide 3.0” display. New features change the view on hard-to-capture experiences. Children Mode has built-in, downloadable animation options to keep kids’ attention. In addition, you can create your own animated clips to keep your little ones entertained. Jump Shot offers cues before taking three fast shots. Self Timer is a visual countdown to coordinate group shots so everyone smiles at the results. Quickly pressing the top display on/off button efficiently manages power. From now on, no more out of the frame glitches. No more babies caught crying.

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